Pavatex-NBT Diffutherm System

External wood fibreboard insulation with render system

‘Pavatex-NBT Timber Frame Diffutherm System is for timber frame buildings externally finished with render.

Diffutherm systems use Pavatex woodfibre boards over the outside of the frame in a continuous layer. The racking board is fitted on the inside of the structure, acting also as both the airtightness and the vapour control layer, in a fully breathable construction. Externally a mineral based thin render system is applied directly to the woodfibre. Internally we recommend a service void between racking board and plasterboard for effective airtightness control and easy service alterations.

The Timber Frame Diffutherm System can be used with any conventional timber frame design, provided that the racking board is fixed on the inside of the frame rather than the outside. The same limitations apply as to all timber frame applications. The Diffutherm system has a good fire rating and is suitable in many situations requiring fire resistance.

System Benefits:

* Full design and site support
* Excellent thermal performance, with very low thermal bridging, enabling very slim construction for new Part L compliance
* Alternatively very high thermal shell performance possible in slim and cost effective way.
* Excellent airtightness by design
* Excellent acoustic insulation
* Good overheating control
* Fully breathing construction
* Tried and tested system, fully certified

U-Value (W/m2.K) for 89mm timber stud with insulation:
60mm Diffutherm: 0.28; 80mm: 0.25; 100mm: 0.22

U-Value (W/m2.K) for 140mm timber stud with insulation:
60mm Diffutherm: 0.22; 80mm: 0.20; 100mm: 0.18

Full System Components:

Insulation boards: Interlocking, water-resistant Diffutherm boards (60, 80, 100mm), plinth and reveal boards.

Fixings, tracks and tapes: Insulated screw and staple fixings, along with starter tracks, and sealing tapes

Render system: A fully warranted thin coat mineral render system from BaumitBayosan, with over 200 colours in many types of finish. Comes with full system of reinforcing meshes, beads, APU rails and window cills.

Infill insulation: provide natural insulation materials such as hemp, sheepswool and through sub-contractors cellulose

Plaster boards and paints: can provide clay boards, plasters and trade environmental paints for internal walls

Timber frames: can provide contacts with partnering timber frame manufacturers if required ‘

  • Pavatex-NBT Diffutherm System (image 1)
  • Pavatex-NBT Diffutherm System (image 2)
  • Pavatex-NBT Diffutherm System (image 3)
  • Pavatex-NBT Diffutherm System (image 4)

Environmental metrics

Company credentials
Pavatex: ISO 14001; Natureplus;

wood fibre and paraffin boards, mineral render, natural insulation, plasterboard

Life expectancy
life of building

EPD to ISO 14025

Recycled content

recyclable & reusable

3rd party product endorsement
Pavatex: FSC certified

Environmental labelling

Country of manufacture
Pavatex: Switzerland, transported by road to UK

Manufacture details

Pavatex NBT

c/o Natural Building Technologies, The Hangar, Worminghall Road, Oakley, Bucks, HP18 9UL

01844 338 338

01844 338 525

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